SJK•PR serves our clients as their OMG… Offsite Marketing Group (!)…helping them shine a spotlight on their reputations, relationships and referrals.

We know you have a unique story to tell. We’ll ensure your message earns top billing and your target audiences ask for more. From complete marketing plans, to their components, such as logo design and special events, we’ll raise the curtain while you bring down the house using the following tools and tactics:

Marketing Communication Plans: Bolstering Your Brand to Build Your Business.

Your marketing plan serves as your lifeline to your brand. You tell your story, but do your target markets hear it and can your referral sources share it? We’ll create and help you implement a documented, measurable, regularly-updated marketing plan to give your brand’s identity the lifeline it needs to avoid falling overboard into the sea of mixed messages. An effective marketing communications plan yields an ROI of enhanced reputation, stronger relationships and more referrals.

Logo, letterhead and business cards

Your logo can work for you, against you, or be neutral. Ask yourself, does it help tell my story? We turn your printed image—your company’s stamp—into a working asset and then create the letterhead and business cards that complement your improved look.

Online Marketing: Websites, Blogging, Social Media and SEO

Designing the look of your site is only one piece of the online puzzle. Compelling content, blog topics, objectives, and traffic management strategies must also be considered. We’ll help you get started, incorporate the latest proven SEO techniques, and keep your online marketing in sync with your offline efforts.

While social media isn’t the all-means answer for any marketing effort, it definitely serves as a tool for a business with the appropriate target market and offering. 


Special Event Coordination and Management

Even in the digital world, astute business owners and managers know that to be around for the long-term, their trusted relationships still form the foundation of win-win transactions.

Don’t under-estimate the value of a warm smile and a sincere handshake. An open house, seminar, or sponsorship is a perfect strategy for networking and personally telling your story.

News Releases

News releases are sales pieces to a unique target market: the media. Though you lose some of the control of advertising, the publicity and credibility an effective release can bring often can’t be measured—or bought—in advertising terms.



Advertising—broadcast, online or print—serves as an aggressive tool to boost sales. You control the message and the timing. We’ll ensure the content is tailored to your target market.


Newsletters, Brochures and Direct Mail

Printed pieces provide the added advantage of requiring no “clicks” to see your message: when your target audiences get their mail, they get the point.

When a personal, regular communication is desired, a newsletter serves perfectly. With valuable information and photographs, newsletters improve relationships with your clients, prospects, referral sources and employees by regularly keeping you and your story in the spotlight.

Consider your brochure your salesman who stays behind in the prospect’s office, still working after you leave. Just as you want your sales force to be attractive, professional, and to-the-point, your brochure should be the same.

Direct mail provides a similar impact. With proper research, we strategically target your most valued prospects, and the product we create does the rest: telling your story long after you sign-seal-deliver.

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