As part of Celebrating our 25th Year, our crew created this blog series to help you build your brand to benefit your business.

Each pointer, whether big or small, plays a vital role in telling your story. We hope you find this information helpful for your organization’s growth.

No. 2: Know Your Compelling Competitive Advantage (CCA)

Your CCA simply defines what makes you different. Regardless of your industry, you’re competing against others, sometimes thousands, to earn business, receive referrals or raise awareness or money.

Before you begin promoting your organization, you must know how your offering differentiates from competition. And no, “we put clients first” or “we always do what’s best” isn’t the answer—everyone says that.

When a prospect asks “why should we hire you?” your answer should include your CCA. No matter how small or large your business or organization is, you must know—and state clearly—your CCA.

For example, at SJK·PR, we’ll out-write and out-create any of our competitors—and we’ll do it as part of a client’s team. We fully invest ourselves in our clients’ success.

If you’re reading this blog and realizing you’re not sure what your CCA is, re-visit your business model and discover—or create—a niche for your company. Then, the real brand-building begins.

As we continue updating this blog series, feel free to contact our team for more marketing, branding and public relations insights: (904) 388-7447 or

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